hello (also hullo especially in BrE) (BrE also hallo) /həˈləʊ; NAmEhəˈloʊ/ exclamation, noun (pl. hellos, hullos, hallos) 1. used as a greeting when you meet sb, when you answer the telephone or when you want to attract sb's attention (用于问候、接电话或引起注意)哈罗,喂,你好Hello John, how are you? 哈罗,约翰,你好吗?Hello, is there anybody there? 喂,那里有人吗?Say hello to Liz for me. 替我向利兹问好。They exchanged hellos (= said hello to each other) and forced smiles. 他们相互打个招呼,勉强笑笑。2. (BrE) used to show that you are surprised by sth (表示惊讶)嘿Hello, hello, what's going on here? 嘿,嘿,这是在干吗?3. (informal) used to show that you think sb has said sth stupid or is not paying attention (认为别人说了蠢话或分心)喂,嘿Hello? You didn't really mean that, did you? 嘿?你不会真是那个意思吧?I'm like, ‘Hello! Did you even listen?’ 我说:“嘿!你到底有没有听我说话?” see also golden hello MORE ABOUT 补充说明greetings 打招呼 Hello is the most usual word and is used in all situations, including answering the telephone. * Hello 最为常用,用于所有场合,包括接电话。 Hi is more informal and is now very common. * Hi 较非正式,现在使用很普遍。 How are you? or How are you doing? (very informal) often follow Hello and Hi. * How are you? 或 How are you doing?(非常口语化)常用于 Hello 和 Hi 之后:‘Hello, Mark.’ ‘Oh, hi, Kathy! How are you?’ “马克,你好。” “噢,凯西,你好!最近好吗?” Good morning is often used by members of a family or people who work together when they see each other for the first time in the day. It can also be used in formal situations and on the telephone. In informal speech, people may just say Morning. * Good morning 常在家庭成员或同事之间一天中第一次见面时说,亦可用于正式场合和电话中。在非正式谈话中,可只说 Morning。 Good afternoon and Good evening are much less common. Good night is not used to greet somebody, but only to say goodbye late in the evening or when you are going to bed. * Good afternoon 和 Good evening 少用得多。Good night 只在晚上说再见或上床睡觉前说,不用以打招呼。If you are meeting someone for the first time, you can say Pleased to meet you or Nice to meet you (less formal). Some people use How do you do? in formal situations. The correct reply to this is How do you do? . 第一次与人见面时可说 Pleased to meet you 或 Nice to meet you(较非正式)。在正式场合有些人用 How do you do? ,正确的回答是 How do you do?。hello hellos hello /həˈləʊ; NAmEhəˈloʊ/

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